Welcome to Kensington RC Sailboat Racing Club!!!

Updated August 2t8h, 2016


Weekday Fun Sailing (Light Racing and Instruction)
EC12, DF65 and all other RC Sailboats welcomed
Demo DF65 sailboats available!

#1 – NEXT – August 30th (Tuesday) – 6-8pm
#2 – September 15th (Thursday) –  6-8pm
#3 – September 20th (Tuesday) – 6-8pm
#4 – September 27th (Tuesday) – 6-8pm
#5 – October 4th (Tuesday) – 6-8pm

New Fall SUNDAY Series

Sunday Fun Sailing (Light Racing and Instruction)
EC12, DF65 and all other RC Sailboats welcomed
Demo DF65 sailboats available!

#1 – August 28th (Sunday) – 10am-1pm
#2 – September 18th (Sunday) –  10am-1pm
#3 – September 25th (Sunday) – 10am-1pm
#4 – October 4th (Sunday) – 10am-1pm
#5 – October 9th (Sunday) – 10am-1pm


KRCSRC 2016 EC12 Nationals Fall Tune Up Regatta! (Sun, Oct 16)

KRCSRC 2016 EC12 National Championship Tune Up Regatta! Date: Sunday, Oct 16th, 2016 Time: 1pm to 4pm Where: Kensington Metropark, East Boat Ramp Rules Officer for on the water umpiring & education (pre racing clinic with Q&A) Organizer: Sean Fidler...

KRCSRC 2016 DF65 Canadian Nationals Fall Tune Up Regatta! (Sat, Oct 15)

KRCSRC 2016 DF65 Canadian Nationals Tune Up Regatta! Date:  Saturday, Oct 15th, 2016 Time: 1pm to 4pm Where:  Kensington Metropark, East Boat Ramp Classes: DF65 Rules Officer (on the water judging, eductation): Erik Bradley Organizer:  Sean Fidler (smfidler@gmail.com)...

RC Boats for Sale

Custom silver hull DF65 For Sale!

DF65 for sale with custom silver hull paint job (rare). New high quality rudder servo installed ($15). Orange rudder and keel bulb (helps to see weeds). Includes A & B rig (never used). This boat is ready to go minus radio or receiver. Price: $225. Custom travel...


Two fully refurbished Marblehead RC sailboats complete and ready to sail. Custom carbon hulls, refurbished decks New BRAND NEW radio’s & recievers BRAND NEW custom carbon rigs with new low aspect ratio Wick Smith designed sails 800 sq. inches but 1.5 feet shorter...


Founded in 2015, the Kensington RC Sailboat Racing Club was formed to provide an RC sailing venue for sailors on the west side of the greater Detroit area.  Kent Lake (central to the Kensington Metropark) is the beautiful sailing venue we enjoy.  Kensington Metropark is a beautiful facility and we are delighted to be able to enjoy the park and share RC sailing with the community.

KRCSRC: a Proud AMYA Member


Kensington RC Sailboat Racing Club is a proud member of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA). For a wealth of information on RC sailboat sailing, classes and activity in the United States, visit the AMYA website at www.theamya.org.

Latest News

Beautiful sailing Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beautiful sailing Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016 Sailing Report Sailing conditions were perfect today on beautiful Kent Lake (Kensington Metropark).  We sailed from 10am to almost 1pm and then some of us met at a nearby restaurant for lunch.  Winds were westerly at 5-10 knots all morning.  Three...


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An option!?
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Selling my mk1 foiler Mini40 cat - no rigs or electrics. Needs work/development which I don't have time for at the moment. £400 Can probably ship into Europe, but obviously this could be costly!

An option!?

New v6 of the DF65
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Introduction and walk through of the new version of the DF65 by John Tushingham & Chuck LeMahieu at the Nuremburg Toy Fair, plus intros to the guys behind th...

The 2017 KRCSRC schedule is coming shortly.  With almost zero effort, we are now up to 7 total EC12s (with 2 more looking for affordable boats for their kids).  The current thinking is having one scheduled evening per month, heavily supplemented by friendly, fun races planned in the short term based on weather and schedule using email and social media.  There is nothing worse than a long drive only to have crappy wind or a bad wind direction.  Our plan is to take significant advantage of our ability to communicate via social media and pick the best days to go sailing in highly enjoyable, high-quality conditions almost every time (rather than once in awhile)!  Sadly, we are not organizing formal DF65 racing for this year but will do so informally.  We do have several folks beginning to play with the foiling designs and wing sails!  Really cool stuff!  If you have any additional thoughts, send us a message!  Thanks, Sean.
I found a penguin in Australia!
EC12 travel trophies returned back to the 2016 NCR.  A joy to have them in Michigan.  Where o where is our Morgan Black trophy?  #shameshameshame
Good press for RC Sailing...